There’s no better time to join the club!

IMG_3109I would like to take this time to thank all of our Club Members that joined during the holidays. It’s really great to have you all on board. As most of you can recall, we at Chacewater have been educating heavily the advantages to joining one or more of our clubs. We do not market our products locally, except in our tasting room in Kelseyville. This allows us to aggressively discount our products to you, our club members. No middleman, just directly to you. CW_MarkInTastingRoomAs a reminder, if you are in either the wine club, or the olive oil club, you will receive 20% off all purchases(wine or olive oil). If you are a wine & olive oil combo club member, you will receive 25% off all purchases. We also recognize your discount for friends and family that are present with the club member at the tasting room. All sounds pretty cool…Right? Don’t forget, if you have not joined any of our clubs yet, come in and on the day you sign up receive 30% off everything you purchase on that day. Again, we thank you! You’ve all been so awesome. Cheers! -Mark Burch, Winemaker